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Dental Professional Roles

Your Dentist's Role | About Periodontics | What is a Periodontist?

Your Dentist

If you are concerned about the health of your teeth and gums you should know the difference between a periodontist and a dentist.

It's not unusual if you haven't heard of a periodontist before. Chances are you are happy to go to your dentist to fix your teeth and haven't thought about seeing a periodontist.

While many patients are referred to us by their dentist, we also welcome referrals from other sources. You may even refer yourself.

Many of the more complex cases will require a team approach to achieve the best result. Thus, your dentist may be involved in treatment planning of your case and in providing the necessary prosthetics (crowns, bridges, etc.).

We work closely with many of the most talented and innovative dentists in the area. Should you not have a dentist, we will refer you to someone that closely matches your needs.

About Periodontics

Periodontology is the study of healthy and diseased states of those tissues that support the teeth. As an entire branch of dentistry, periodontics is dedicated to treating the tissues surround the teeth, researching new techniques for treating periodontal diseases and replacing lost teeth with dental implants.

This branch of dentistry involves the bone and gum tissues referred to as periodontal. A healthy periodontium is paramount to achieving overall dental health. It is the basis of good dental care, for without periodontal health, all other dental treatment will fail.

What is a Periodontist?

A periodontist specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases. He also plans, places and maintains dental implants. This dental professional underwent two to three years post graduate training and earned certification as a specialist to treat diseases that affect the periodontium. A periodontist studies the clinical aspects of the supporting structures of the teeth including the gums, jaw, root and periodontal ligament.