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Periodontal Laser Treatment

Laser in our Practice | Steps Involved | Benefits of Laser | See the Video

We've Added a Laser to our Practice!

No Cut No Sew No Fear Laser We are pleased to announce that we have recently completed intensive training in Laser Periodontal Therapy and now offer this treatment using the World's first digital dental laser--the PerioLase® MVP-7. This laser was specifically designed for treating gum (periodontal) disease. This addition makes it possible for us to effectively treat gum disease problems and establish ideal conditions for healing the gums around teeth that have periodontal pockets, right in our office. Laser periodontal treatment has proven to be extremely effective for most patients without any of the drawbacks of conventional surgical treatment.

The PerioLase® MVP-7 laser now gives us a gentle and effective way to stop the damage being done by the infections in the gums. Patients who have had this form of laser treatment report that they have little or no discomfort after the procedure. We are proud to be among the first of the growing number of periodontal offices in the country to provide this breakthrough laser treatment to our patients.

With this new treatment capability we are able to safely and effectively treat most periodontal disease. If you are experiencing bleeding gums or have been advised that you have periodontal pockets in excess of 4mm, this procedure may provide you an opportunity to regain better oral health.

Please call our office at 480-948-7000 for more information about this laser procedure and its applicability to your dental needs. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with this gentle, effective treatment.

Steps involved in Laser Treatment

Steps involved in the process
  1. The probe indicates excessive pocket depth.
  2. Laser light kills bacteria and diseased tissue.
  3. Ultrasonic scaler uses sound waves to break up and loosen tartar and special hand instruments are used to smooth root surfaces.
  4. Laser finished debriding pocket and establishes coagulation.
  5. The tissue is compressed against the root surface and a stable fibrin clot forms along the gumline.
  6. The bit is adjusted and equilbrated to prevent excessive (traumatic) chewing forces from interfering with healing.
  7. Healing with new attachment of the gums to the tooth.

Benefits of the PerioLase® therapy

  • Easy - about as easy as erasing a blackboard - there's no cutting and no suturing.
  • Less Discomfort - There's much less discomfort with PerioLase® than with standard surgery - during and after the procedure.
  • Fewer troubles down the road - PerioLase® does not include the major loss of gum tissue that traditional surgery almost always involves. This tissue loss can lead to more sensitive teeth, since your roots are exposed. Also, if the treatment needs to be performed again in the future, you have not removed the bone and gums during the first treatment with PerioLase®. Typically, with PerioLase®, any gum tissue loss actually reduces swelling of the area from the inflammation being relieved.
  • Excellent, long-lasting results
  • Short recovery - Many patient find that they have less than a 24 hour recovery period, so time from work is not lost. Dr. Bernard will recommend a soft diet for a few days. In most cases, patients feel good right after the procedure. Following traditional surgery, recovery can take between 2-4 weeks during which patients can experience considerable pain and swelling.
  • Safe - The PerioLase® is safe for patients with health concerns such as diabetes, HIV, hemophilia or those taking medications such as Coumadin, or Cyclosporine or Fosamax.

Watch TV coverage of the Laser

See video of our Laser: Windows WMV | Apple Quick Time